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My Story

My passion for all things Newfoundland and Labrador history and culture and conducting research met their match in 1998 when I completed my first genealogy program through Memorial University of Newfoundland. Since that time I have been avidly researching my family lines (Morrissey, Carter, Skinner and Efford) in addition to assisting others within and outside the province.

A number of years ago I decided to take my passion to a higher level and decided to enroll in the genealogy certification program at the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. Why, you may ask? Well, I have a firm belief that if I was going to continue offering my services to others I needed to take the extra valuable step of honing my skills and providing you with family tree research that follows the genealogical standard and involves a particular code of ethics.

In pursuing the certification program it also fed my desire for continuous improvement. As we all know it is a changing world and with that comes the need to stay on top of new trends, genealogical resources and answering to your demands of responsible and trustworthy work. I must admit that when I started the course I felt I knew almost everything after 20+ years of conducting family tree research…boy was I wrong! The program opened my eyes on so many unique and innovative research techniques and made me a more aware and better developed genealogist. And the best thing….it encouraged me to continually seek out opportunities to learn more about this field both here and abroad.

Besides my skill set, what I bring to the table is a passion and enthusiasm to help people discover their family story. We may not be all related to king and queens, but we all have a story that needs and deserves to be told. My only insistence is that we have fun…otherwise, what is the point?

If your thoughts align with mine, I would love to work with you. So reach out and let the fun begin!